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ESCRIBANO™ was designed to create a continuous circle of education allowing students and educators to connect all around the globe with simple screen sharing and video conferencing capability that reshapes geographical distances. ESCRIBANO™ has built-in proprietary features making teaching fun, challenging and exciting. As a leading educational tool, ESCRIBANO™ uses Megameetings, a proprietary feature, to transmit classnotes from far away in this manner students virtually join the class with visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning style.

How do students benefit?

Students will never miss class sessions and with Megameetings students can collaborate with class assignments as scheduled during the school year and consistently maintain their grade point average in good standing.

How do educators use ESCRIBANO™?

Educators can access the internet, download multi-media, text documents and store them locally, additionally ESCRIBANO™ has proprietary applications for writing text, making presentations, and calculations with spreadsheets that can be saved in PDF or ESCRIBANO™ proprietary format. Educators can easily retrieve saved files and use external storage devices to enhance their daily work while saving and sharing all their work through email or Megameetings.


The intelligent board is built utilizing the latest industry and digital communications technologies. ESCRIBANO™ is the educator's board that provides the necessary tools to enhance any student's learning potential.


Megameetings is a video-conferencing feature designed to create a virtual classroom with real time collaboration, students can post their questions using megachat or they can verbally communicate face-to-face. All work can be saved and sent by email during and after megameetings sessions. The intelligent board can generate attendance reports for administrative purposes.

Dual Mode

When powered-on ESCRIBANO™ works as an interactive mode, while off-powered, it works as a standard marker board.


You can write, erase and navigate with a touch or an escribano pen.

Save & Retrieval

ESCRIBANO™ can store documents in PDF and proprietary format for a more secured environment.

Built-in Templates

Grid and polar templates are available for basic and advanced mathematics, music staff-lines and sport templates for coaching and team tactics.

Internet Access

ESCRIBANO™ is equipped for wired and wireless internet access.

Multi-user Support

In today’s classroom multiple user collaboration has become a standard activity ESCRIBANO™ supports simultaneous user-touch and writing capabilities.

Projector Independent

ESCRIBANO™ is projector independent thereby giving you superior and fast image resolution. It is built as a single unit and with its intelligent pro-active monitoring system the uptime is maximized.

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Our team

A Silva

Master Programmer

Aldo as the team leader, he drives the core programming, also is responsible for developing the analytical frameworks that shape ESCRIBANO.

C Anguiano

Chief Manager

Carlos acts as the engineer, designer, visionary and support representative for the entire ESCRIBANO platform.

A Rodriguez

Sales Director

Alma as a Sales Director, she speaks with executives at companies to strategize how research can address their key business challenges.

T Flores

President / Founder

Ms Flores is the Founder of ESCRIBANO. Under her leadership and direction, the company has grown into a leading software services.


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